In-Progress Papers

  • “Fused into Music: Examining the Performance Practice of Milton Babbitt’s Philomel”
  • “Pedagogical Applications of OpenMusic for teaching Algorithmic Composition in a Mixed-Major Graduate Seminar”

Published Papers

  • “Colonial Nationalism in the Music of William Billings.” The Choral Journal, vol. 52, no. 3, 2011, pp. 6–14.
  • “Peabody Computer Music: 46 Years of Looking to the Future”: Wright, Dr. Geoffrey; Boyle, Dr. McGregor; Armenta, Joshua; Woodward, Ryan; Xia, Sunhuimei. 2015 Proceedings of the International Computer Music Conference

Open Source Contributions

I have made a few small contributions to the Lilypond project, and written several software programs and scripts. Feel free to follow me on Github for some of my latest code or algorithms (although I don’t update Github too often…)